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Veterans, service members and military families rely on the open Internet to stay in touch with loved ones overseas, and to access essential services at home such as health care, education and employment. The repeal of net neutrality gives cable companies the authority to throttle traffic, censor online free speech and charge new fees that veterans can’t afford. If you are a US veteran or active-duty service member, please sign this open letter calling on our elected officials in Congress to restore net neutrality.

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Dear Member of Congress,

We are US veterans calling on our elected officials in Congress to protect the free and open internet. Veterans, military families, and service members rely on the Internet to keep in touch with loved ones overseas and access essential services at home. The open Internet allows American small businesses to thrive, and has created new jobs — in the tech field and others — that veterans urgently need.

The loss of net neutrality will allow cable companies to throttle services to online communities used by service members, censor free speech, and charge new fees that veterans can’t afford. The end of net neutrality jeopardizes access to VA telemedicine, streaming video calls, even online banking... all services veterans and our families rely on.

As veterans, we have served and we have sacrificed. When we put on the uniform we were told it was to defend basic freedoms for all. We are deeply concerned those same freedoms will not be protected without strong, enforceable net neutrality. As a result, we are asking our representatives to sign the discharge petition and vote for the Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution to reverse the FCC’s repeal and restore open Internet protections that are essential for American’s online freedom.

Thank you for considering our views.


The undersigned.

What Vets are saying:

Thousands of veterans from all five branches of service have signed this open letter to Congress, urging our lawmakers to listen to the voices of the people and overturn the FCC's repeal of net neutrality. These are just a few comments from men and women who feel that the destruction of net neutrality is counter to the values they have fought to protect:

Participating Organizations

These organizations support the veterans and active service members who have signed the open letter to Congress to restore net neutrality.

  • Common Defense
  • Union Veterans Council
  • Veterans for Peace


Our Congressional representatives are home in their districts for August recess. On Tuesday, August 28th, US veterans and supporters across the country will gather outside our elected officials' offices and present them with our open letter calling on lawmakers to restore net neutrality.

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Print the Letter

Select your state below to print out the letter and complete list of veterans who have signed on. Show up a few minutes early and wait outside the office for others to come. Around 15 minutes after the start time, go into the office with your crew of people and deliver the letter to the staffer at the front desk. Be friendly and polite, note the number of veterans in their district that have signed, and ask them to make sure the lawmaker gets it. Reiterate the ask of the letter: we want the Congress member to support the Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution to overturn the FCC’s repeal of net neutrality.